There are options to make sure you are satisfied with your contracted services with Mova Business Solutions.

Services and prices are listed below as follows.  

Hourly Rate

  • $40 per hour for onsite contracted obligations.

*Our advice, order a block rate for completing a quick project for your business needs!*


BLOck Rate

 Blocks of time must be utilized within 60 days of purchase. 

  • 10 hours of service $300

  • 20 hours of service $675


Monthly Service Fee

One Time Monthly Fee of $650

  • Get up to 10 hours of support per week for all administrative tasks for your business.

  • Collaborate to create a work schedule.

  • Weekly 1 hour conference calls ($40 Value)



Social Media Management

  • Creating Social Media Presence Package $400 one time fee

    • Develop 3 social media accounts for business needs

    • Content provided by the customer


      • 10 weekly posts

      • Social Engagement with your audience

  • Monthly Social media support $250

    • Manage up to 3 sites

    • Generate 10 weekly posts

    • Social engagement with your audience

    • All images and promotions provided by the customer