Mova's Top Three Favorite Items

I have a few essentials that go with me everywhere.  I wanted to share so you can utilize as well! 

My Planner - Passion Planner

 My second year using my planner. 

  1.  I admire the CEO of the company.
  2. They give back.
  3. You earn free planners - referral program 

My planner has totally kept my life in order and it brings me peace to plan out my week. 

My Favorite Pens - InkJoy Papermate Pens

  1.  Bold colors
  2.  Ink does not leak through the pages.
  3.  They write so smooth

My pens keep me just as functional with my planner.  I have a color for every activity and it brings fun to my planner pages when I write with my pens. 

My Chromebook - ASUS Chromebook Flip

  1.   Sleek and great battery life
  2.   My business runs from my chromebook (with a dash of my personality).
  3.   If you want a Chromebook that helps you be great, this is the one! 

I have had this Chromebook for 1.5 years and she has treated me so well! I do not like a large screen but she fits in every purse and is lightweight! I love it! 

Want to know more of Mova's favorites? Just message and ask! We are here to help!