Plan for 2019

Good Morning and I hope you having a Fabulous day! While today is September 27th, October 1st will be here on Monday. Can you believe that January 2019 will be here before we know it? I have continued to see countdowns to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and all I keep thinking is that I am not ready.

Who Else Feels Like That?

If you said yes, then let’s go through your next steps to get ready for 2019.

  1. Purchase a Planner. Now, while my preference will forever be , I truly suggest you find the right planner that functions for your needs. Here’s an article that found useful to anyone that’s a beginner planner and wants some additional insight.

  2. Use an online option for a calendar like Google Calendar. If you have a Gmail account, then you have access to your calendar.

  3. Make time to plan NOW and for next year! I cannot stress this enough that if you are barely making it through appointments, kids’ programs, and even bills, then you need to make the time to plan. I offer a quick planning guide for anyone that signs up with their email address. It will come right to your inbox!

    Reclaim Your Time in 2019 -

I am probably not the first person or the last person to mention that planning helps! In fact, I am going back to the drawing board to review the rest of my week and October. Between clients’ needs and my business growth, I have to plan my actions for each day.

By the way, did you come across this because you are a business owner looking for virtual administrative support? Well, I am glad you are here! I’m planning for 2019 already and my day to day client activity will be limited to 5 clients a month!

Want to be one of those 5 now and in 2019?

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Continue to have a prosperous day and let’s getting planning for 2019!