Take Time to Smile

I decided to start my business officially in November of 2016. I had just been hired as part administrative support after not having gainful employment since July of 2016. In that timeframe, I tried a few different business ventures but truly maintained my sanity and paying bills via Postmates, Uber-ing, and my side hustle of completed administrative support for family and friends. In October of 2016, I decided I needed a JOB! But, I was picky with what I was applying for and narrowed it down to three locations. I received two job offers and of course, I picked the best and been happy ever since.

What does that have to do with MOVA Business Solutions? Hence the administrative support hustle for family and friends. I was making pennies but I was making something. I did not truly believe in my abilities. I also did not know much about being a virtual assistant. I was introduced to it by a contact via Facebook named Amber Dee. Look her up! Then I started to do some digging into what a VA (virtual assistant) was and I remember laughing because it was everything I had already been doing all along!

So, here’s come the business part. I had to go back and volunteer my services to a few and I just kept reaching out to others. When I think about it now, I had a confidence that really stood out about presenting my abilities. And as I write this, it’s slowly building back up. I was truly proud of my work and I knew that I wanted to help other entrepreneurs with those tasks that they just keep putting off. Now, I am not an expert at everything, but I am an expert at helping others check items off the “to do” list. And yes, keep telling yourself you will get it done because you do not want to pay. That’s okay. I have received plenty of no’s. However, I have received plenty of “Sure, let’s do this!” and “Thanks for taking care of this for me!”

I get things done! And, I make sure to smile!

Business owner, entrepreneur, you ultra-creative disorganized soul - Let me help you! I promise the time we sit down and really narrow down what you need done, you will already feel the weight lifting off your shoulders.

Again, here at Mova Business Solutions, “We Get Things Done!”

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon! - Rachael

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