What's Next For Mova Business Solutions?!

MOVA Business Solutions is gearing up for new adventure!


PLANNING 101 - Reclaiming Your Time

DATE: September 23, 2017

TIME: 12-2 PM

REGISTER HERE: http://bit.ly/Plan101Mova

COST: $25

Why would I want to host a planning workshop? 

It's quite simple, I love to plan! I have a passion for it for all honesty.  I want others to at least be open up to utilizing a paper planner and a calendar app i.e Google, Outlook, and iCloud. In fact, it's quite common to function with both and be able to balance.  I have narrowed down 5 reasons why and HOW they both sync! Get it?! Sync! 

Looking forward to sharing pictures and notes from the event!