I am grateful because I have been given the ability to help others.

Problems can be resolved if you have a really good laugh!

My name is Rachael and wear many titles every day that include, daughter, sister, mother, mentor, friend, but the best one has to be organizer.  I have a passion for helping others make deadlines  and I have turned that passion into a business of virtual assistance for small business owners. 

I have over 6 years of management experience in retail food services and over 10 years experience and administrative/business support.  It was and still is my job to make sure businesses are running effectively and within budget. 

I hold my Bachelors of Arts in Criminology & Law Studies and History from Marquette University, so I personally know that having an eye for detail and thoroughness are important skills to have in administrative tasks. 

Why do I appeal to the small business owner?  Because you are doing it all, of course!

Consider working with me and MOVA Business Solutions as a partnership to your business' growth and expansion.  I can support you by taking care of the tasks you must complete in a timely manner but let you be the front runner you naturally are. I let you be the brand of your business, while everything else is being handled.